A new standalone novel from #1 New York Times bestselling author, Vi Keeland. This is a book by Vi Keeland and here are a little official plot about this great book: The night I met Drew Jagger, he’d just broken into my new Park Avenue office. I dialed 9-1-1 before proceeding to attack him with my fancy new Krav Maga ... Read More »

The Fever Code

The Fever Code, this is the second prequel, The Maze Runner series by James Dashner. In this book i’ll discover the virus origin from the caos started. This is set just before The Maze Runner and after The Kill Order. I dont know it this book will be a movie like the other parts because the history is very long ... Read More »

Calendar Girl 3

After months of learning and incredible experiences, Mia relies heavily on this trip: his life has changed and is now stronger than ever. Although it has not all been a bed of roses, you see your future does not look as black as I had imagined and may have the opportunity to reach paradise with Wes, if both are ready ... Read More »

Ya te dije adios ahora como te olvido

There are relationships and people who make us fire, as if enquistaran in our DNA and in the essence that defines us. Lose generates a distressing and devastating void. How to overcome the absence of that was vital to our love life? The premise is this: if you can dissociate yourself from your ex (or any round impossible love your ... Read More »

El chico de las estrellas

The boy of the stars tells the story of a child who never managed to live more than two years in a house, doing to paint the walls of every room with stars. His refusal to school and a strange family forced him to take a trip where not all be stars and wishing on the moon. It’s time to ... Read More »

Te odio pero besame

Lucas and Candela known since childhood. According Candela, his was hate at first sight, but it just so happens that India is the best friend of both and are doomed to be often. Of course, every time you fly knives together. All indications are that things will continue like this forever, until Candela decides it’s time to settle down. Although ... Read More »

Elijo elegir

Can the photograph of an unknown change our lives forever? Is it possible that we feel connected with someone only by their look? That’s what happened to Paula when she saw the story of supermodel Jenny Clause with Philip Jones. Who was that man? Why I could not stop looking at it? And why suddenly the world had stopped spinning? ... Read More »

La sangre de los libros

Santiago Posteguillo surprises us now with a fascinating tour of the most famous mysteries of literature. Murders, suicides, duels, death sentences, wars, eclipses, vampires, mysteries, judgments? Behind the great books much more blood than one would imagine hides. Why Pushkin died in a duel? Is it true that they have found evidence of reincarnation of Shakespeare? Did you know that ... Read More »


Paloma is a free and strong woman who likes to fly high. Her hair purple and tattoos on his skin. Always he does what he wants, because she knows better than anyone that life must be enjoyed to the fullest. Paloma lives the life he believes he chose to live. Miguel, a lawyer, is a serious man who wears a ... Read More »

La víspera de casi todo

Germinal Ibarra is a disenchanted policeman chasing rumors and their own awareness. Three years ago he decided to drag his melancholy to a police station La Coruna, where he ordered the move after the resolution of the highly publicized case of murder of little Amanda become the hero he never wanted nor felt be. But the refuge and anonymity that ... Read More »