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Linda is married to a wealthy man, he has two children and the family lives in a beautiful house in Geneva, Switzerland. Work on the most important newspaper in the country, she is pretty, dresses well and has everything you could wish. In the eyes of all, your life is perfect. However, it is not happy; great dissatisfaction corrodes and feels guilty for not being able to enjoy what you have. Why not talk to anyone about what happens. She loves her husband but the relationship with him has become routine, apathetic.
One day, the newspaper sends to interview Jacob König, a former high school sweetheart is now a politician of some significance. This encounter is enough for her to feel able to do something he dreamed girl and begins to unleash their fantasies. Back to a passion for life. Now he will do whatever it takes to conquer the impossible love and descend to the bottom of the well of human emotions to finally find redemption.

adulterioAuthor: Paulo Coelho








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