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After, History shows us a young woman named Tessa Young, who will enter his first year in college and it’s that kind of smart and organized which is coached girls always try to have a safe and stable life. Within the course of his income classes will meet a boy named Hardin which belongs to a very different her world as it is handsome, rebellious, alarming tattooed and it appears that his life is bad, causing that from the first moment when both are known mutual hatred are generated.
Over the course of the story of these two characters were to become more than just friends and mark a big change for them and that nothing will ever be the same. Introducing a different love and nothing logical both faced different situations to be together, we can observe in the narrative ingenuity, awakening a new kind of life for her, the discovery of sex and the beginning of a love so great as Force of Destiny.

AfterAutor: Anna Todd.

Año: 2014.

Categoría: Romántico.






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