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Bienvenido Dolor

This is not an ordinary book, it will find an entire self-help themes with which doubtless empatizarás. After a thorough and painstaking research on happiness in general, the renowned psychologist Pilar Sordo made a breakthrough on many occasions we associate the concept with something as fleeting as the joy, resulting in that people believe that good things always they will be short, however they are always waiting misfortune in their lives.
This literary work is not only a book that helps your people but invites to turn those negative experiences that torment you to be taken as a great learning experience which will help you for whatever comes into your life.
The book has a drawing easy to read, funny and thoughtful character, helping to clear your mind to make the right decisions.

Bienvenido DolorAuthor: Pilar Sordo
Year: 2015
Category: Drama



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