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A Briefer History of Time

A Briefer History of Time, seeks to explain in a practical way and simple the possible origin of the universe. The book was rewritten, this because the previous version had another terminology, besides its structure was different, as a result it was difficult for the reader understand the idea.
After Albert Einstein, astrophysicist Stephen Hawking, thanks to their contributions in science became the greatest genius of the twentieth century.
What makes the book more palatable compared to the previous version, it now has four-dimensional images, which provide compression to the reader even more. With this book, published since 2005, it has changed a lot the general perception that society had, renewed many theories and this book a success.

brevisima historia del tiempoTitle: A Briefer History of Time
Author: Stephen Hawking, Leonard Mlodinow
Country: United States
Language: English
Genre: Popular science
Published: 2005 (Bantam Books)


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