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Caballo de fuego

Adventure and romance genre, published in the year 2009 by the author Florence Bonelli.

This story will be the sequel between two characters named Matilde who is a pediatric surgeon and Eliah who is a soldier profession, which are a couple who had problems based on secrets that distanced themselves during their stay in Paris, but the feelings of this love are still dormant, and that the way that fuel ratio just how cruel and unjust, but reconciliation between them is impossible. Now in this story we can see how Matilda travels to Congo in the hope of being able to help children and people suffering from the war that takes place in that country, more well known as War coltan war besides being a attempt to leave that relationship of love in the past, although most struggle to forget that fails, and the destination because the character Eliah also came to Congo by a great ambition is to become master of mine coltan, which it is a mineral coveted by manufacturers of mobile phones, so it can bring great economic benefits if it is able to obtain this mineral, but the pattern will become more interesting when these characters cross paths because they try by all possible ways that love triumphs over war going on there.

Caballo de fuegoAuthor: Florencia Bonelli.
Year: 2009.
Genre: Novel






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