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Caballo de Troya 1: Jerusalen

A powerful novel that starts a shocking story that has left its mark on all his readers. The adventure begins when two men originating from North America are invited to participate in a project launched by the government.

Incredibly these men will find the opportunity to go back in time and see with their own eyes to Jesus of Nazareth and to tell others how it was actually occurring events that everyone can read in the Bible. When reading history is normal that people stop to think if what they read is true or mere fantasy, the truth is that the details told by the author Juan Jose Benitez make you travel back in time along with the main characters and feel firsthand what they are telling us.

Certainly Trojan Horse is one of the books that should be in the list of those who love reading as it is a story that has much to give as we wrapped in his wisdom, hope and love.

Caballo de Troya 1Publication Date: 1 de enero de 1999
Author: J. J. Benítez






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