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Cazadores de Piratas

The fascinating story of two treasure hunters in search of the most legendary pirate ships in the Caribbean coast.

The story of two men who in 2009 set out to sail the seas in search of a legendary pirate ship, the Golden Fleece, willing to risk all time, money and sentimental life, to overcome all kinds of difficulties and face duels worthy rivals of the time of corsairs. Two treasure hunters bent on finding the depths of the Caribbean Sea a ship captained by the legendary Joseph Bannister, famous in his time for defeating the very Royal Navy, and emblem was the Golden Age of piracy in the century xvii.

This is the story of that feat not without madness and heroism, with two quixotic characters who are, in the modern versions of the pirates so they have become obsessed and which also realizes the life of the privateer Joseph Bannister and his ship at a time and a place that piracy was a lucrative business around which ran all economic and social life of the moment.

Cazadores de PiratasAuthor: Robert Kurson

Editorial: ARIEL

Language: Spanish

Year: 2016



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