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The Da Vinci Code

The Da Vinci Code, It is a mystery novel which is written by Dan Brown and was first published by Random House in 2003. It has become a best seller worldwide, with more than 80 copies sold and translated in 44 languages. The Da Vinci Code is a novel which uses the same character as the previous novel of the same author, Angels & Demons, which did not achieve the same publishing success of this. Combining the genres of detective suspense and esoteric New Age, also with a conspiracy theory regarding the Holy Grail and the character of Mary Magdalene in Christianity, the novel spurred great interest by certain theories of conspiracies.

The Da Vinci CodeAuthor: Dan Brown
Country: United States
Series: Robert Langdon #2
Genre: Mystery, Detective fiction, Conspiracy fiction, Thriller
Publisher: Doubleday (US) Transworld & Bantam Books (UK)
Year: 2003




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