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De carne y hueso

For five years, Sapphire has been the most prized concubine of the king of Sari. When he finally regains its independence, she refuses to lose control again at the hands of anyone. But an unexpected interference throws it into the arms of arrogant and proud Wulfric, Crown Prince of D’Ashier rival kingdom, a dangerous man in every way. Sapphire is the daughter of the main enemy of Wulfric. It is also a highly valued warrior and a knowledgeable expert of the sensual arts. In short, it’s perfect for Wulfric. But a lasting relationship between them is unthinkable, so they reach an agreement: They spend a night together and then each go our separate ways. However, neither it has having to face a wish able to bring two nations to war and two hearts to surrender. A legendary beauty, a warrior daring and seduction that could destroy them both.

De carne y huesoAuthor: Sylvia Day

Genre: Romance

Year: 2016

Editorial: EL ALEPH

Language: Spanish



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