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Descubriendo a Valentina

When you discover that your life does not satisfy you; when you think you’re not sticking out all the juice I could give you … then, at that moment, you have to think about everything and rebuild, especially in rebuild yourself to yourself.

Valentina has feared that decision in recent years, where he has been living a life that, a priori, should be satisfied, but you never felt full.

The unexpected appearance of a person from his past will help to provide the necessary to awaken her their most intimate and real part step: his true identity, canceled for too long to resurface with the force that would respond to the imminent future.

The support of friends is essential to not deviate from the path, not to stumble and run away from the uncertainties. But it is not necessary to fall to rise? What if the detour on the road layout was actually the way to happiness Valentina ??

I invite you to discover it.

Descubriendo a ValentinaAuthor: Mara Macbel

Genre: Romance

Year: 2016



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