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Dispara a la luna

Lola receives an unusual SMS MacHor John Iturri, Interpol inspector in Lyon. They are just two cryptic references, but his instinct assures you that your friend is in danger. At the time, Prime Minister, a letter with the seal of the Organization, in which the claimed abduction Iturri is received. Along with his demands, announcing his death in a week if their demands are not met. Villegas, the largest Spanish counter-terrorism expert on French soil, is in charge of the case, and Lola, thanks to his stubbornness, gets into your computer. They have four days to release Iturri, but nothing is what it seems.

The most authentic Lola MacHor not disappoint their faithful readers, who, besides enjoying his humor and his fine sense of smell, can understand the complex ties that bind Juan Iturri and the havoc they can cause hatred and revenge.

portada_dispara-a-la-luna_reyes-calderon_201603110958 (1)Author: Reyes Calderon

Year: 2016

Genre: Novel




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