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Divergent, winning novel by American author Veronica Roth is the first installment of the trilogy. Centered in a dystopian future city of Chicago and the novel was compared with similar books for young adults Hunger Games because of it. Veronica Roth announced that the idea for this novel began when she was studying in college. Summit Entertainment acquired the media rights to the novel and in October 2012 began casting. The film was titled with the same name (Divergent) Divergent. The second novel in the trilogy, (Insurgent) Insurgent, was released in May 2012. The third, (Allegiant) Leal, was posted on October 22, 2013.

The novel tube not only a great reception by readers, also by critics, Divergent is described as a reading of pace for many critics. Publishers Weekly emphasize that the description of the initiation process of Roth as “fascinating and at the same time violent” and praises the great romance between Tris and Four, describing it as “shaky” and totally full of “tenderness of heart attack.”

The New York Times described Roth’s novel as “accelerated pace, luxury flights of fancy and scary sometimes written with great details” and warned that “although, bad things happen to people who love Tris, the protagonists of this novel seem to absorb these events with disturbing ease travel novel ranging from completely away from reality reader to a great emotional impact. ”

DivergentAuthor: Veronica Roth
Cover artist: Joel Tippie and others
Country: United States
Language: English
Series: Divergent trilogy
Genre: Science fiction, dystopia, young-adult fiction
Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books
Publication date: April 25, 2011





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