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Donde vuelan los Condores

Tells the life of Gioconda who is the young stars in this novel, which travel from Iquique to Valparaiso, in order to come to study at the University Federico Santa Maria. In the university hosting meets a guy named Hector, who helped him get some clothes, at that moment had already begun to attract each other. After a while they started a relationship, despite being linked with a young man named Ricardo Iqueque. During the summer, backpacking south, she meets a boy named Tony, who have their first sexual relations, but a Giaconda day begins to feel ill, which appeared to be signs of a possible pregnancy, so he decides to appeal to the owner pension, whom she regarded as a reliable person. Giaconda pensioner who also had a long time ago, who medical degree, so it was with, who recommended a pregnancy test, which turned out in blue, confirming she was pregnant …

Donde vuelan los CondoresOriginal title: Donde vuelan los Condores
Author: Eduardo Bastías Guzmán







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