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El aniversario

The new novel by Imma Monsó, Anniversary, is the disturbing story of a couple in crisis celebrating their anniversary in a very special way: inside a car in the woods.
The couple, in his forties, is talking while driving up a mountain road. Only he knows where they are going, because the “gift” surprise that wants to offer is something that has been preparing for a long time, in a desperate attempt to surprise and be unpredictable to her eyes. They are a good avenue couple; however, she does not seem very much in love. In parallel, two children go out to play the woods. Do you have a relationship with your partner?

How and when they will cross their lives? In this masterful thriller, Imma Monsó has managed to distill the essence of the intimacy of a couple, what love is and where their limits.

El aniversarioAuthor: Imma Monso

Genre: Novel

Year: 2016



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