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El antídoto que nos une

After terminate its relationship with Morales, Carla continues his life turning upside down at work. The weeks pass and she has no news of the man who left without giving any explanation. Determined to move on, does his best to again be the same as always, but to his surprise, Morales reappears and again stands in their way.

Before you can even realize, the inevitable happens and both retake what they left. Although now much better known Carla Morales, it is well aware that he hardly knows anything about her. In its efforts to hide in his shell, Carla implacable who seeks unfreeze.

What neither knows is that once the truth comes to light, there’s no turning back and no longer be room for remorse.

The scar that we share, then this second and final volume of the trilogy, will be released in July 2016.

descarga34Author: Irene Hall

Genre: Romance

Year: 2016


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