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El desorden que dejas

The award-winning novel is an intense psychological thriller starring and narrated in first person by Rachel, a young professor of literature at low hours that accepts a replacement in an institute of Novariz, the village where, coincidentally, comes his first day marido.En work, she learns that Elvira, his predecessor, has killed himself and at the end of classes in her purse a note that says. “what about you how’ll take to kill you” Decisive, Raquel try to find out who it is behind the threat, and inevitably seempezará obsessed with the old profesora.¿Qué happened to him? What led to depression if students adored? Did he really killed himself or someone killed him? You are is repeating the same pattern with her? And above all, why suddenly some indications Rachel’s husband? A novel that begins as a story of harassment to become a teacher enseguidaen a perverse and exciting thriller. A dissection of human weakness. Culpa.De of the fragility of relationships. And the lies and secrets on which we set our lives uncalibrated or be aware of the consequences.

El desorden que dejasAuthor: Carlos Montero
Year: 2016
Genre: Novel
Editorial: S.L.U. Espasa Libros



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