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El estigma del dragon

Something is forged in the Sanctuary. A dragon is about to take flight and discover his heroine …

Maxis Drago load silently with their tragic fate for centuries. The most reclusive and lonely guardian of the Sanctuary lost his wife, and all that was in the hands of a ruthless rival and sworn to defeat him away from the world. Since then he roams taciturn and with its huge wings folded. Everyone says they can not fly. But things are not what they seem, and life will still have reserved a few surprises.

His enemies have returned with a vengeance. The battlefield chosen by some diabolical creature emerged from the past is New Orleans. Both sides will fly over the city’s levees ready to face relentlessly, until the final victory or total destruction.

el-estigma-del-dragonAuthor: Sherrilyn Kenyon

Year: 2016


Language: Spanish



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