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El evangelio del mal

In this story we see again a struggle more against evil, this time taking starring an FBI agent and an exorcist, which will encounter on the road when the agent investigating the murder of four waitresses that something sinister matches have relationship with the church, because in his time the same number of murders holy nuns to study the books banned by the Church in the fourteenth century were committed, so and everything points to the gospel of Satan, a damn book disappeared ago more than six centuries, which can put the power of the church on the very same followers of Satan, by which both characters will come together to conduct an investigation to take them from the Rocky Mountains in the United States to a convent in Bolzano, Italy, within which they found a secret Vatican library and such mentioned characters seek the gospel, knowing that probably will face against the devil.
This story for lovers of terror will be engaging and intriguing as the end may be a turning point for the followers of this author.

El evangelio del malAuthor: Patrick Graham.
Year: 2009.
Genre: Horror






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