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El Método De La Báscula

It is an instructive guide book based on the TV show Canal Sur La Scale, which seeks to help overweight people lose an effective way without having to make so many sacrifices for food.
The method of practical scale readable book, which proposes very effective suggestions provided by 4 experts in the area of ​​health is. 4 people which involve different but relate occupations, which are as follows; a doctor, a nutritionist, a psychologist and a private coach with experience and profession.

In this guidebook ideas on various menus, along with their recipes which help maintain a good diet for your digestive system to function properly mentioned, these instructions are based on a change of Mediterranean-style eating habits, strange sound, this diet does not prohibit any of your favorite food like that also recommends trying other foods that make you suffer because they are not your preference.

With recommendations that gives the book helps you improve your diet for fast adelgazas consistent, so that the effect is faster, this book shows you simple exercises you can do without any problems, although the work keeps you out of time, with these periods need not spend much.

El Método De La BásculaAuthor: VV.AA.
Year: 2010.
Genre: Health


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