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Erase una vez en Londres

In desperation, distraught, lost in the middle of an airport in a foreign country … and swindled. So Miriam feels when he lands in London and discovered that the company had promised him a job has cheated and left with their money. Lost in a strange city with just a few pounds in his pocket, Miriam must urgently find a solution to their problems. What is not expected is found in an elegant, handsome man unknown and will be presented as their savior by offering her home as she selflessly looking for a new job.

Miriam can not suspect that his home, besides being a beauty, is the most recognized of the moment model and also to host it at home, is also willing to open his heart … if that living with a Spanish madcap it It allows.

erase-una-vez-en-londresAuthor: Laura Maqueda

Year: 2016

Genre: Romance



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