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Fugitivos en el tiempo

Dalas Review is one of the most creative and controversial youtubers today with more than 1 million followers on its two channels.

You know ?, I’m sick of this kind of texts for the cover of a book. Do you think that small paragraphs will be able resumirte all things that happen in this? If you what I try to explain, you can not understand what happened in a few lines. Time travel, paradoxes, jumps ?? Maybe you do not understand or even read this novel: it will depend on your intelligence.

Even today I strive to know the truth. Maybe you think this is just another fictional story. But, after all, even I can not say. My name is Dalas Azahar, better known as Dalas Review. However Uriel is the true author of this novel. A computer criminal who ended up trapped in the largest and most terrifying invention of history. You need to forget everything you thought you knew so far about time travel, they are impossible. There is a much worse way to do that sort of thing.

Fugitivos en el tiempoAuthor: Dalas Review

Year: 2016

Editorial: Martinez Roca


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