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Christian need to have everything under control. His world is pure order and discipline but, basically, it’s empty … until the day Anastasia Steele landed face down in his office, made a tangle of brown hair long, slender legs.

He tries to forget but, on the contrary, is thrust into a storm of emotions that can not control and you can not resist. Unlike all the women he has known, the shy and inexperienced Ana seems capable of seeing beyond the successful businessman and luxurious living around you, and discover the cold heart and hurt Christian.

Will he be able relationship with Ana dispel the nightmares that haunt him every night? Or will they be his dark sexual impulses, his obsession with control and self-loathing that alienate young and destroy the fragile hope that it offers?

GreyAuthor: E. L. James
Country: United Kingdom
Language: English
Series: Fifty Shades trilogy
Genre: Erotic romance
Published: 18 June 2015
Publisher: Vintage


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