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Hola preciosa

Rebeca interim Millan is a young school teacher who has never had much luck with men. His only goal at the beginning of the new academic year is to approve the bloody oppositions and stop dreaming every night … he, a stranger dressed in sunglasses and cap with which is carried across all summer when it will run through the Promenade. One night, after a tedious family and discuss meeting with his father, Rebecca comes to have fun with your coworkers and friends. Together they form “the club of the mosqueperras”. His small universe falters when he discovers a striking gray eyes who watch silently from the other end of the bar. Who is that strange so attractive that is monitoring and why it is so familiar to time? Suddenly, you can clearly read his lips a greeting: Hello, beautiful. From that night his life takes an unexpected turn.

hola-preciosaAuthor: R. Vera

Editorial: SELEER

Language: Spanish

Year: 2016



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