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Juego De Citas

Plunges us into a story that revolves around Paris, a mature woman who has had a perfect life, after 24 years of marriage to her beloved husband and their grown children and all continued to wonder, though at a dinner at home, suddenly she mentions that her husband should announce something very important.
It is when the cruel twist of fate, all the mental stability of Paris is coming down with the news that her husband is in love with another woman and now wants a divorce occurs.
However Paris devastated changing city, find a job, make new friends and tries to make sense of his emotional life, so he decides to start again, only this time it will not be easy, now it is no longer confident it does not know flirt, or how to get attention. Is the time to move forward to rebuild their lives.

Juego De CitasTitle: Juego de Citas
Author: Danielle Steel.
Year: 2008.
Genre: Romance





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