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La madre del cordero

“We cultural tourism, visited churches and cathedrals, we arrobamos at the beauty of Romanesque frescoes, Renaissance paintings, the baroque altarpieces, images of bulk carved choir stalls, corbels and altarpieces, the prodigious architectures that make up the building, but we do not understand what they represent. ”

What differentiates a church of a cathedral? Why the Holy Spirit represented by a dove? Why the Evangelist John is shown sometimes bearded beardless and others? How do we distinguish St. Jude Thaddeus of Judas Iscariot? Was there a holy guardian of prostitutes? What determines the degree of sanctity of a relic? With the vast informative capacity and very refined sense of humor that characterize it, Eslava Galán Juan guides us through the most important Spanish religious art and teaches us to interpret it and to enjoy it.

The author will help us decipher the religious art that surrounds us through its history and its representations and therefore understand the culture in which we live and who often do not know or have forgotten.

la-madre-del-corderoAuthor: Juan Eslava Galán

Genre: Novel

Year: 2016



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