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La maldición de la Reina Leonor

Runs the year of our Lord 1184 and a prosperous and peaceful reign Castile Don Alfonso, the eighth of his name, and Leonora of England. It would be the time to enjoy everything achieved if it were not for the queen fails to light the male heir to give continuity to the dynasty.

After two miserable births, Leonor, a stranger in his own court, he is convinced that his misfortune is divine punishment for adulterous love that keeps the king with Rachel, the beautiful Jewess of Toledo. The queen, mad with jealousy and anger, devises a plot to get rid of his rival … What we do not know is that vengeance always leaves unexpected victims.

And a history spanning thirty most important years of our Middle Ages, in which ties with the European courts were stronger than they have told us, begins rivalries among the most acrimonious Christian kingdoms of imagination and where after centuries of struggle against Muslims, he was still everything to play for in the Reconquista. Peridis, which seduced the king Waiting tens of thousands of readers, shows that it is an extraordinary storyteller, with a rare ability to give soul and life to the characters, as fascinating as unknown, the historical chronicle.

la-maldicion-de-la-reyna-leonorAuthor: José María Pérez Peridis

Year: 2016

Genre: Romance


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