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La muerte de Ulises

Ulises, the protagonist of the story’s title to this volume, is a Greek old man who, when he sees approaching the time of his death, decided to be buried in the place where began to dream: Istanbul, his true homeland. And the Greek people living in the XXI century, with the arrival of refugees fleeing war, which already experienced firsthand throughout the entire previous century: a chase that ended the Greeks in a forced emigration and it is narrated with great force in the story titled Three days. But Ulises, a newcomer to his dream Ithaca, and with nothing to lose, rashly decides to confront the Grey Wolves, very similar to the Golden Dawn Turkish paramilitary organization in Greece rejects all emigrated. On the other hand, wrapping the stories of topical, Petros Markaris again make us enjoy two cases featuring the Athenian commissioner Kostas Jaritos, whose victims are a writer and a film director, and a third investigation by his friend the commissioner Turkish Murat, which runs between the Greek emigrants in Germany.

La-muerte-de-UlisesAuthor: Petros Markaris

Genre: Novel

Year: 2016


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