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La última salida

Ted is rich and has a perfect family, a wife and two adorable daughters. Podríaimaginar No reason has led him to take the drastic decision to take his vida.Cuando hears the doorbell rang again and again, their first reaction is to ignore it and apretarel trigger once and for all. But then discovers a hidden between suscosas note; a note with his handwriting not remember writing: “Open the door. It is tuúltima out. ” On the other side of the door is a stranger called Lynch, queno only knows what Ted is about to do, but it makes it a difficult proposition derechazar a plan to keep your family suffer from the consequences devastadorasde one suicidio.Ted accepts without imagining that the note on the desk and offering elcomienzo Lynch are just a macabre game of manipulation. Someone has planted one way demigas bread that Ted will be collected.

La-última-salidaAuthor: Federico Axat

Year: 2016

Genre: Novel


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