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Las Austrias: El vuelo del aguila

November 26, 1504. The Queen Isabella has just died and you begin to hear the voices of the most noble of Castile, who claim to Juana la Loca as his true queen. Fernando de Aragon try to get as far as necessary to prevent his son, Philip the Handsome, snatches the government of Castille.
Meanwhile, the house of Austria, through a policy of pacts and marriages, struggles to become the most powerful family in Europe. All countries of Christendom, including Papacy, entangled in a series of power struggles in which sex, violence and crime are used as weapons to achieve their political ends. Amid all these conflicts, a family of converted Jews, the Losantos, struggle to survive the Inquisition, even if it means giving up their own roots.

las-austriasAuthor: Jose Luis Corral

Language: Spanish

Year: 2016



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