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Me lo enseno una bruja

Sometimes, the only way to fit is to pretend to be the kind of person everyone thinks you are. Sofia showed that: a complicated, snobbish and humorless woman; more aware of pleasing others than being true to herself. With the excuse that accompany to
overcome his latest failure of love, his friend Andreas embarks on a cruise the singles, in which the antagonist Sofia know your ideal prototype: Zack, a bizarre hairy that will make that trip on a cruise full of comic situations, verbal clashes
and fiery encounters, and who swears never to see again.

However, when you return to your daily routine, he realizes that is not the same; Zack has shown him his true self and costs re satisfied with what I had. When their paths cross again, Sofia will make a vital choice and to find happiness that has ever felt.

Me lo enseno una brujaAuthor: Loles Lopez

Year: 2016

Genre: Novel

Pages: 384



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