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Looking for Alaska

Looking for Alaska, is a youthful literary work written by John Green, which was published in 2005 by the EP Publishing Dutton.

The book Looking For Alaska tells the story about the life of Miles, who at only 16 years is totally bored of their daily lives, however leave your home to find something that makes you feel different, break the habit, to enter a boarding school called Cluver Creek. In that school meets a nice girl named Alaska, is when your life begins to change, becoming more interesting to him, however his luck imminent threat.

The characters are very well characterized by what are memorable, giving a plus to the book.

Note that this literary work has a very youthful touch, which makes it perfect for any teenager, although it is unexpected, even a little discouraging the end result has a good hook that keeps you immersed in history.

It may seem an even simple casual, common history but the way the author tells us, no similarity, just do not stop reading it, plus it entertains, has the right to cause a reflection on your person words, perfectly mixed with emotion and surprise.

The work of seeking to Alaska is a good combination of melancholy, with tragedy and an interesting sensuality. Reading is fully digestible and dynamic so this book will not make you heavy.

It is absolutely worth reading if you’re a teenager, due to his anecdotes that you can identify with them, on the other hand for the more adult can be a somewhat quaint book people, it really is good is that this book leaves you a message, a reflection a valuable lesson.

Looking for AlaskaAuthor: John Green
Cover artist: Nolan Gadient
Country: United States
Language: English
Genre: Young adult novel
Publisher: Dutton Juvenile
Publication date: 2005


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