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Luna Pluton

In the distant amusement park and fully secret mission to defend his beloved moon dangerous emperor, the young Claudia, daughter of Metallus, Knaach know, and together they embark on an odyssey of unfortunate events that unleashed a veritable galactic war . Claudia’s mission is threatened and his father is in prison, when she becomes involved in a murder equivocally. In this epic of intrigue and ancient grudges, ogres and elves must fight against a powerful enemy and almost same. With his sharp irony and sublime cunning, Dross us to a vast and wonderful universe, presents us a classic novel of the purest science fiction and immerses us in a tremendous cosmic battle with the elegance of one who has seen everything and fears nothing . Get ready to get caught up in the original first published work by Dross, where nothing is as it seems.

Luna PlutonEditorial: Temas de Hoy
I.S.B.N : 9789507300967
Category: Comedy
Date :26/08/2015



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