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Marina, In this story we see the story of two very important characters named Oscar Drai and Marina, Oscar is a young man living in a boarding school in Barcelona, ​​where one of his escapes from boarding school, enters a strange house in which at Error stealing a watch, after a week it returns to return this clock and that is where he meets Marina and her father German, both always treated very well Oscar, which causes a friendship was established causing Oscar visited that this house whenever he could, Marina is a young man of his age who lives with her father and was educated by it. One day two characters walking down the street when suddenly they saw a strange lady dressed in black, and followed from a cemetery to a greenhouse, they there found a photo album of people with deformities, and it is from here that life change for both inadvertently and were moving into a great mystery which being young boys and curiously tried to investigate, but the surprises that will take on the road will be a great surprise to the reader.

MarinaTitle: Marina
Author: Carlos Ruiz Zafón.
Year: 2007.
Country: Spain







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