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Mi error fue creer en cuentos de hadas: parte 2

Becca only twenty years old, but his life has made him mature too soon. She married a man she feared fifteen years to protect his father. And until the last moment he hoped his lifelong friend, his companion of battles, her Prince Charming, Matt, rescue her. But he did not and that removed from his mind all belief in stories, all illusion. In life when you have a problem you are alone. And that she now knows it very well.

After fleeing the man she married, who is also the father of Matt, he had no choice but to work in any job, but that almost cost him lose the child she was expecting.

Matt has never forgotten Becca, but banished to the depths of his heart. He has a very different version of what happened. The same story that everyone lived in a way.

But when a small crosses identical to him in his life impacting it by the resemblance of both and is surprised with his ideas, life becomes both together. It’s time to dredge up the past … For the past has no name and is called Matthew.

descarga34Author: Moruena Estringana

Genre: Romance

Year: 2016



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