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Mi recuerdo es mas fuerte que tu olvido

A brilliant career as a judge, the respect of those around her, one
independent living … Carlota had everything to be happy. But nevertheless,
always lacked a Christmas. When the twelve years his mother revealed
the great secret, Carlota knew that nothing would already be the same. The word
“Bastard” became a stigma for her. The word “family”
not mean the same thing again. The call from his father dying many
decades later will force torn between the desire to know and
the need to flee.

With the magnificent narrative rhythm that characterizes Paloma Sanchez-
Garnica, the author of The sonata of silence weaves a novel
emotional, capable of generating a permanent intrigue the reader and whose
characters masterfully outlined the story of secrets and lies.
The exciting new novel by Paloma Sánchez-Garnica.

Mi recuerdo es mas fuerte que tu olvidoAuthor: Paloma Sanchez-Garnica
Year: 2016
Editorial: Planeta
Genre: Romance



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