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Mi tramposa favorita

An acidic but very romantic comedy, false appearances, gender war and struggle of two brothers porsalir forward in a society that has not put them things easy.

Daniela Luis Caballero and his brother live a day, tricking as they can. His favorite scam is simple: he takes care of looking for some gullible with more money than brains, and she stuns him with her beauty before hitting a good saber. So far it has not fared too badly, but his luck is about to change. Bruno del Valle, the godfather of his last victim, is a renowned psychiatrist who quickly discovered the game that Daniela’s doing. Faced with the threat of being unmasked, she must give up their plans and go, but he will not stop until you find it and make a startling proposition. Can a swindler three fourth fall in love with a famous psychiatrist? And vice versa? Immerse yourself in a romantic Christmas story that will change the lives of two people forever.

Mi tramposa favoritaAuthor: Isabel Keats
Year: 2016
Editorial: Planeta
Genre: Comedy




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