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Milla 81 (Area 81)

Mile 81, this book by Stephen King reports that the Area 81, is abandoned and closed area long service. Pete Simmons, a curious child of 10 years, decides to go with your bike this area 81 is abandoned where it is known that the older kids are smoking, and mont├írselo placed with their girls. And there is a half bottle of vodka filled to decide to try. Pete just getting drunk and when he wakes up, he discovers a car parked there, a car without number plates and covered with mud. The door is half open, but not see anyone inside … A car that certainly remember those who already appeared in previous novels like Christine and Buick 8. A nod to his readers that this novella been classified as an “delight, a classic, a powerful, terrifying novel … “81 Mile Stephen King, the English edition of area 81, was published in September 2011, becoming a best seller a few hours to be sold.

Mile 81Title: Mile 81
Author: Stephen King
Country: United States
Language: English
Genre: Horror





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