Trucos para Minecraft

No offi cial guide with all the tips and tricks that no official guide will teach. UNOFFICIAL guide comes with the best tricks to quickly improve your game. With more than 50 million registered players, Minecraft has become a genuine mass phenomenon. No doubt the game of the moment. This guide, written by a guru Minecraft, tells you the tricks ... Read More »

Confesiones sin verguenza

For the first time in the history of our country, the Spanish women openly tell their fantasies. This is not a scientific study, on the contrary, is a collection of short stories in which very different women shed shame and tell their best kept secrets. For several months Valérie Tasso led the Club Fifty Shades, a club organized a tour ... Read More »

Cuando el amor despierta

To avoid marrying a man sixty years her senior, Prussia April flees to London, where he will undergo a chaperone. Julian, sole heir of the Marquis of Woodward, has decided not to marry or have children, to avenge his father. April and Julian meet by chance. He falls surrendered to the beauty of April, and she hates him almost instantly ... Read More »

My life next door

“The Garrett are all that are not Redd: noisy, messy and loving. And every day, from the balcony of his room, Samantha Reed dreams of being one of them … until one summer afternoon, Jase Garrett sneaks through her window and that changes everything. Both fall in love; They encounter shyness and wonder of first love. Jase Family Samantha hosts ... Read More »

Aquí empiezan tus sueños

Every day is a new adventure full of challenges; overcome is the engine that keeps me alive. The keys that give the victory in the world of video games are the same ones that anyone reading this book reaches the happiness and fulfillment of his dreams: wholesome hobby to compete, the absence of fear, the need to free ourselves prejudices ... Read More »

La noche de la Usina

In a lost of the province of Buenos Aires people, many things are about to become extinct. During the economic crisis of 2001 that led to the banking corralito, a neighborhood group aims to bring together the money needed to carry out a project that could be a way out of decline and poverty. But amid the general confiscation of ... Read More »

El antídoto que nos une

After terminate its relationship with Morales, Carla continues his life turning upside down at work. The weeks pass and she has no news of the man who left without giving any explanation. Determined to move on, does his best to again be the same as always, but to his surprise, Morales reappears and again stands in their way. Before you ... Read More »

La muerte de Ulises

Ulises, the protagonist of the story’s title to this volume, is a Greek old man who, when he sees approaching the time of his death, decided to be buried in the place where began to dream: Istanbul, his true homeland. And the Greek people living in the XXI century, with the arrival of refugees fleeing war, which already experienced firsthand ... Read More »

La última salida

Ted is rich and has a perfect family, a wife and two adorable daughters. Podríaimaginar No reason has led him to take the drastic decision to take his vida.Cuando hears the doorbell rang again and again, their first reaction is to ignore it and apretarel trigger once and for all. But then discovers a hidden between suscosas note; a note ... Read More »

Doce años y un instante

Sebastian Nualart made a serious mistake in his teens, and because of that his family had to move to Cadiz to empezase zero. They were difficult times, but after regaining the affection of his brothers and meet Cecilia, Sebastian thought the sacrifice was worth it. But the past has not been left behind, and the best night of his life ... Read More »