Descubriendo a Valentina

When you discover that your life does not satisfy you; when you think you’re not sticking out all the juice I could give you … then, at that moment, you have to think about everything and rebuild, especially in rebuild yourself to yourself. Valentina has feared that decision in recent years, where he has been living a life that, a ... Read More »

Casi sin querer

The sometimes love is as complicated as unpredictable. But in the end what we value most are the simplest details, the most beautiful, those who arrive without warning. And when writing about feelings, there’s nothing cleaner than do it from the heart. Author: Defreds Jose A. Gomez Iglesias Genre: Poetry Year: 2016     Read More »

Tú hiciste la ley, yo fui la tramp

April and Daniel, two former lovers, meet again in a poker game. Hatred and bitterness between them are so intense that nothing and nobody can change their feelings. Nothing? Daniel Guerrero, a successful lawyer Granada, life stopped seven years ago, when his wife left him without giving any explanation. Since then he renounces love and devoted body and soul to ... Read More »

Martina con vistas al mar

Part of the Bilogía “Horizonte Martina”, a mixture of cooking, passion, sex and laughter, a novel full of surprises that will make you live unique moments and you will conquer forever. Author: Elisabet Benavent Genre: Romance Year: 2016 Pages: 672   Read More »

A pound of flesh

Wes Carter, the most problematic and sexy prison inmate, enrolls in a course of Literature to grant him parole. There coincides with Professor Kat Lane, the girl he saved from attack by a gang fifteen years ago. From the first moment an irrepressible attraction between them breaks. Carter always keeps others at a distance; He is as handsome as dangerous ... Read More »

Dispara a la luna

Lola receives an unusual SMS MacHor John Iturri, Interpol inspector in Lyon. They are just two cryptic references, but his instinct assures you that your friend is in danger. At the time, Prime Minister, a letter with the seal of the Organization, in which the claimed abduction Iturri is received. Along with his demands, announcing his death in a week ... Read More »

En plena confusión: decidida

After the confusion of sentiments in which I had been immersed, I faced when taking charge of my life and leave behind the triangle that had formed Aaron, Daniel and me. It was time to assimilate my decision and continue my way, dooming any chance of rapprochement with Aaron, for both, despite the devastating attraction we felt we knew that ... Read More »

El aniversario

El aniversario

The new novel by Imma Monsó, Anniversary, is the disturbing story of a couple in crisis celebrating their anniversary in a very special way: inside a car in the woods. The couple, in his forties, is talking while driving up a mountain road. Only he knows where they are going, because the “gift” surprise that wants to offer is something ... Read More »

Solo tuya: jamás conseguirás que me enamore de ti

He defines her as a wild Mustang, impossible to tame. She called her insufferable Neanderthal. But when these two titans unleash passion, anything or anyone get in his way. The story is set in the bustling city of Manhattan. Elizabeth Hudson is a young successful woman, known worldwide for its prestigious company, which is engaged in body and soul. He ... Read More »

El espia que engano a Hitler

In the post-Civil War Madrid, a town of survivors, the young Juan Pujol and his wife Araceli Gonzalez decided by having to accept a most unlikely future by supporting as spies to the Secret Service of the Third Reich. But his true intention is very different as agreed. Author: Genre: Novel Year: 2016 Pages: 376 Read More »