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Pedro Paramo

Pedro Paramo, Interesting story that will keep you in suspense from beginning to end. It is full of tragedies, intrigues and lies, but also manages to give this message of love. Tells the story of a young man named Juan Preciado that losing his mother decided to go in search of his father. All I knew about him was where he lived and his name was Pedro Paramo. Another message that we can find in the course of history is the perseverance shown by John to fulfill the promise he had given to his mother on her deathbed.

The story is based on the inhabitants of the Cómala, the people whom Juan Preciado goes to meet his father, the characters face temptations, problems, and situations that present themselves over time. These events trigger extenuating circumstances in the life of these people. One can say that the thinking of the people is very common to that presented some cities. Everywhere you can find both good people and bad. And faced with situations where they have to decide whether to choose the right or wrong way.

This book has been translated into more than thirty languages, is well known and acclaimed. It serves to reflect the situation in which he now lives. Abuses of power by passing people in different places. It is a very interesting novel has a moral at the end, one thing they have almost all the characters in common, and it should mention, is that most of the characters are dead or are about to, this fact does make you more relationships with its history and that of their characters. This literary work was written by the great writer Juan Rulfo.

Pedro ParamoOriginal title: Pedro Paramo
Year: 1955
Author: Juan Rulfo






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