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Peter Pan

Peter Pan is a literary work of child and fantastic character written by James Matthew Barrier, was originally a play presented in 1094 in London, it was not until 1911, that the artwork became a story behind that publication the author has done more editions including 2001.
In Peter Pan tells us a story that revolves around three English children who slept overnight while receiving a visit from another child apparently, only that it is magic, is a being called Peter Pan is a boy who can fly and does not grow, appearing friendly, invites you to go out the window to fly with him to a completely different place, the place of origin called Peter Pan, an island known as the Island of Neverland, to get know one fairy named Tinkerbell, is when living together fun and adventure surrounded arreisgadas Indians, other magical beings, even a dangerous pirates led by Captain Hook.
In this edition the author brings the story Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens accompanied by color illustrations, along with other black and white, plus it tells the full story of Peter Pan and Wendy.

Peter PanTitle: Peter Pan
Author: James Matthew Barrier.
Year: 2001.
Genre: Fantasy






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