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A pound of flesh

Wes Carter, the most problematic and sexy prison inmate, enrolls in a course of Literature to grant him parole. There coincides with Professor Kat Lane, the girl he saved from attack by a gang fifteen years ago. From the first moment an irrepressible attraction between them breaks. Carter always keeps others at a distance;
He is as handsome as dangerous and as mysterious as intelligent. However, Kat knocks down your defenses and challenges him to leave out the man behind the intimidating facade. They know that theirs is a forbidden love, but no law can prevent the emotional barriers crumble. But what happens when Kat discover the role Carter played the night his father was killed? A pound of flesh is a story of loyalty, redemption and a sweeping love that overcomes all obstacles.

portada_una-libra-de-carne_sophie-jackson_201603011851Author: Sophie Jackson

Genre: Romance

Year: 2016



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