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No sonrias que me enamoro

No sonrias que me enamoro, A magical read that will make us laugh, mourn, dream, fly, and above all, believe that LOVE can always everything. Blue Jeans, pseudo minimum of Francisco de Paula Fernandez, born in Seville, although his entire adolescence was spent in Carmona. At eighteen he moved to Madrid, where he currently lives, to study journalism at the European University. After doing a master’s degree in sports journalism and collaborate in some ways, he finally found his place when he was carried away by his passion, writing. The trilogy “Songs for Paula” is his first published work, a story that thousands of followers began to read in different social networks before seeing devoted to paper. Until a few months, Eli, Valeria, Bruno, Raul, Mary and Esther ago formed the Club of the Misunderstood. Each with his personality and character, were the best of friends. Two years ago they met in high school, and have gone through similar circumstances and painful approached them. But now overcome his ways: jealousy, doubt, secret loves, complicated relationships with parents … and the club bypasses its best. In addition, others appear on the path that will influence their decisions.

No sonrias que me enamoroAuthor: Blue Jeans
Date: 2013
Genre: Romance





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