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In this story we can see how two people who have very different interests and tastes may have scratches and reach a point until reaching an irresistible attraction between them. To begin Bjorn see how a man who is a successful and attractive attorney who is an enemy to compromise, has always been lucky in his life, and who loves to enjoy female company and enjoy all sex games this is to mind. On the other hand we can see Melania a woman who performs work and life for the US military as a pilot, so he is ready to lead a life on the edge, but nevertheless its main purpose as a single parent is struggling in life to raise her daughter. At one point in history these characters meet and immediately there will be a tension between them, which will disregard for both sides, but that when they met little by little anger that despise becoming a one inafrontable attraction. Where the plot revolved around whether these two completely different characters can understand and accomplish something.

SorprendemeTitle: Sorprendeme
Author: Megan Maxwell
Year: 2013
Genre: Romance






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