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Soy tu primera vez

With a foreign name and a family that has completely forgotten (he never knew his father and his mother never talks to her), Mercedes has decided to help all school girls on their way to the loss of virginity, and thus avoid having a first hopeless time. How? Turning herself in the “first time” of all those kids who are about to do with their girlfriends. Evan, Tobby, Jeremy … Mercedes seems obsessed with the idea that every girl has to have a perfect first time without “risks”.

Although the idea was that Mercedes would not spend five boys, he comes ten and now is lying down with the Twelve. What at first thought it was an act of help to other girls would not suffer what she suffered, he gets out of hand. Then he reunited with Zach, and Mercedes will discover that feelings can be stronger than I thought and it is sometimes desirable to set limits to live in freedom.

Soy tu primera vezAuthor: Laurie Elisabeth Flynn

Genre: Romance

Year: 2016




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