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Te odio pero besame

Lucas and Candela known since childhood. According Candela, his was hate at first sight, but it just so happens that India is the best friend of both and are doomed to be often. Of course, every time you fly knives together. All indications are that things will continue like this forever, until Candela decides it’s time to settle down. Although unforeseen and hates surprises, it is ready to embark on an expedition to Kamchatka nothing less than to ensure that Victor, her boyfriend, is the man of her life. However, he has not had Lucas who apparently has much to say on the matter and is unwilling to your favorite redhead launches such an adventure with someone other than him. But there are things that are impossible, as after all, they hate each other forever … right? If you like I love you, baby (Dama Award Best Contemporary Romantic Novel 2015) you can not miss this new novel by Isabel Keats.

besameAuthor: Isabel Keats

Year: 2016

Genre: Novel



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