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The Maze Runner: The Kill Order

The beginning this book is part of the trilogy corrdedor maze of categoia Science fiction novel. Published in 2012 by the author James Dashner.

History shows us how the earth is hit by solar flares and almost destroyed the world that humans were able to learn. Mark and Trina are the main characters, witnessed this event and survived the flames but what they never imagined was that this would be simple since then would a disease that clouds the mind with pain and fury, which expands around the world very quickly and the worst is yet to come and that the disease is mutating and evidence indicates that humanity will fall defeat this pandemic, this is where Mark and Trina into action convinced that should be a way to save humanity or at least the few who remain, since in this sick world for many more dead than alive vouchers.

The story is compelling for the reader full of cliffhangers and to the point of disbelief, so sick to shape a world in which one can kill others just for the fun of it.

Virus LetalAuthor: James Dashner
Cover artist: Philip S
Country: United States
Language: American English
Genre: Young adult, dystopian future, science fiction
Publisher: Delacort Press
Publication date: August 14, 2012


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