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Tú hiciste la ley, yo fui la tramp

April and Daniel, two former lovers, meet again in a poker game.
Hatred and bitterness between them are so intense that nothing and nobody can change their feelings. Nothing?

Daniel Guerrero, a successful lawyer Granada, life stopped seven years ago, when his wife left him without giving any explanation. Since then he renounces love and devoted body and soul to their work and their achievements in one night.

Meanwhile, in April Santaella he has become a consecrated romance novel writer. A couple of friends as fractious as she and most unusual pet, the only male who enters your home, form the environment of the new life that has been created.

But where there was fire embers remain; so when they are forced to work together for the payment of a bet, both again feel the desire and passion are installed again in their lives.

Will the love can unite again who both were intended?
You made the law, I was the trap is a hilarious romantic comedy that you will penetrate deeply.

portada_tu-hiciste-la-ley-yo-fui-la-trampa_veronica-valenzuela_201601261750Author: Veronica Valenzuela

Genre: Romance

Year: 2016



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