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Una Burka Por Amor

Una Burka Por Amor, it is a book that tells a story that revolves around Maria Galera, this story is set in London, where she meets Nasrad a Muslim man originally from Afghanistan.
After learning and frecuentarse, both fall in love, marry later, resulting q holding their children. Apparently all went well, however one night, Maria Galera contacted a radio program called Reyes Monforte, desperately pleading for help. Married in Afghanistan, but also pregnant with her third child, but the Taliban revolution made the poor mother was trapped in the country at the wrong time, the country became hostile and terrible in his condition. However a renowned Mallorcan entrepreneur hear his call, so he decides to help her, it is when Maria Galera being in Mallorca tells her moving story.

Una Burka Por AmorTitle: Una Burka Por Amor
Author: Monforte Reyes.
Year: 2007.
Genre: Drama.





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